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Welcome to Georgetown Physical and Sports Therapy Clinic

Georgetown Physical and Sports Therapy Clinic (GPSTC) is a private clinic located in downtown Georgetown, Ontario. Established in 1997, the clinic provides professional rehabilitation services aimed at reducing pain and improving function. We provide high quality care to accelerate your recovery after an injury. Our goal is to have you return to your sport, work, and activities of daily living as quickly as possible, and without the chance of reoccurrence.

We specialize in, but are not limited to the following areas:

• Sport injuries

• Motor vehicle accidents

• Work injuries  

• Orthopaedic conditions

• Custom orthotics & orthotic shoes

Licensed Professionals

GPSTC is a privately owned and operated physiotherapy clinic providing rehabilitation services for individuals with various musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction of the spine and extremities through an active approach. Our licensed professionals devise programs specific to you and your family’s specific needs. Modalities such as ultrasound, interferential current, and muscle stimulation assist in achieving these goals. We combine these techniques with manual mobilizations of the spine, joints, and muscles (as necessary) performed by our physiotherapists.

New Patients Welcomed

Our clinic is always welcoming new patients. Appointments are available in the early morning and late evening for your convenience. No referrals are required and we do not have a waiting list. Schedule an appointment with GPSTC today.

905-877-8668 | 83 Mill Street Georgetown, ON. L7G 2C8 |

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